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“Selling is really about having conversations with people and helping improve their company or their life. If you look at it like that, selling is a very admirable thing to do,” and exactly we focus on the same. We always like to be a consultant for our prospect and customer. Our main motive is to provide the proper solutions to customers as per his/her requirement. As we mention “sales is not about selling anymore, but about building trust and educating,” And we believe in this.


Green Apple Solutions

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  • Green Apple is a young and fast emerging Technology  distribution and HR Solutions Company providing  services across a vast array and size of industries.
  •  Formed with a single focus of providing the best Technology and Manpower services tailored precisely to meet the business needs of our customers.
  • Our aim is to provide a professional, cost effective approach to our esteemed clients.
  • Our team consists of experienced professionals from varied industries enabling us to provide a customer driven requirements.
  •  Panel of industry experts pouring extensive domain knowledge and insight into functioning of different businesses. This helps our team to understand diversified businesses.
Green Apple’s key strengths and values include:
  • Management comprising of executives from diverse fields like Engineering, Human Resource ,Finance and Electronics.
  • Dedicated reseller  network  present India wide.
  • Extensive experience in providing Engineering Design and hiring solutions to Global and domestic companies.
  • Knack of bringing cost effective global solutions at doorsteps of Indian SMB’S.
  • Highly qualified  support staff comprising of Engineers, Post Grads and MBAS.

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Green Apple Solutions caters to small and medium manufacturing companies as well as large engineering IT enterprises. We provide a wide array of manpower and software solutions to address various HR and manufacturing functional processes like Recruitment, Contract Hiring, Engineering Design. Quality, Metrology, Manufacturing, Field work force allocation, marketing etc.