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CADbro is a 3D CAD viewer that helps with your collaboration. Packed with an intuitive interface and advanced tools to view, annotate and analyze, CADbro allows you to easily check, manage and share 3D models in the 3D space. Additionally, with cloud service, you can enjoy efficient internal and external collaboration on engineering data with your team or upstream & downstream anytime and anywhere.

Convenient CADbro Cloud

With CADbro Cloud, you can manage and share 3D files, as well as collaborate with your team or upstream & downstream in real time. Communicating engineering data becomes easier than ever, delivering more efficient internal & external cooperation.


Smart CAD Viewing

As over 25 kinds of file formats are supported in CADbro, you can easily access & interact with 2D and 3D CAD data without expensive CAD licenses.

• Easily view and manage 3D files anytime & anywhere on your PC or portable devices.

• Easily share 3D files via links, making it possible to cooperate via web browsers.

• Open third-party files directly

• Export multiple formats in batches

• Export lightweight formats like 3D PDF and HTML

Vivid 3D Annotation

Easily add 3D annotations to share complex 3D product data and highlight specific areas.

• Directly create dimensions, mechanical symbols, texts etc. on the imported 3D models

• Smartly measure different geometry information with one single command

• Intuitively record comments, modifications and stamps with the Markup functions


Advanced Analysis

With diversified query & analysis tools in CADbro, you can verify the manufacturability of product structure and assembly. Detection of errors in early-stage product development can reduce cost and shorten time to market.

What can be analyzed ?

• Physical properties, such as volume, area, mass moments…

• Draft angles, wall thickness, part compare…

• Interference check, exploded view, dynamic section…


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