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Green Apple Solutions in collaboration with Arun 3D Labs, is into wide array of engineering design services and design training. Have state of art 3D Scanning facility with multiple scanning machines and expertise in all manufacturing domains.  Our ranges of services are vastly utilized by industries focusing on manufacturing, designing, product development, quality analysis, and many more applications. We can cater to both on-site and off-site requirements. We are also pioneers in CAD training that includes domain training as well.

We are experts in quality and dimensional inspection of all types of components and their tooling, eg: components of any material (casting, plastic, sheet metal, wax foam, etc.), their core-cavity, patterns, core boxes, etc.


Services and facilities:-

3D Scanning Services:  Have state of art 3D scanning machines from Germany

  • Reverse Engineering, 3D and 2D Inspection

Reverse Engineering is process used to develop CAD data from physical components. This data can further be used to extract tooling, CAE analysis, Rapid Prototyping, Bench Marking, Core-Cavity Replication, Pattern Replication, and many such applications.

We derive manufacturing tolerances from the scanned data and built CAD from from it.

We can build CAD data of any material. Our company knowledge base is not confined to any specific material. We build manufacture able CAD data (with design intent) of components of any material, manufactured by any process.


2D and 3D Inspection of various components and their tooling’s:

  • 3D Inspection

We offer 3D inspection services for complex & large parts. In case of conventional methods, inspection of free form surface/profile is either tedious or not possible. For such parts, scanning & comparison of CAD to scan-data offers a valid solution. Multiple Alignments with reference CAD/Scanned data are as follows:

  1. Local Best Fit
  2. 3-2-1 Alignment
  3. RPS Alignment
  4. Plane-Line-Point Alignment
  • 2D Inspection

We offer 2D Inspection services in which complete layout i.e.2D dimensions can be measured on the scanned data of component/ tooling.


We offer GD&T analysis of the scanned data of the component to be measured.

They are based on ISO1101 and ASME Y 14.5 standards.

  • CAD design and development
  • Benchmarking
  • 2D to 3D Conversion
  • CAD trainings with domain expertise
  • Die-Mould replication
  • Our Machine can be brought to your place for scanning

Green Apple Solutions caters to small and medium manufacturing companies as well as large engineering IT enterprises. We provide a wide array of manpower and software solutions to address various HR and manufacturing functional processes like Recruitment, Contract Hiring, Engineering Design. Quality, Metrology, Manufacturing, Field work force allocation, marketing etc.