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Geo Attendance

Mozility Empowers the field workforce to mark their attendance from any location.

  • Geo Authenticated
  • Integrable with QR Code
  • Can use Selfie based attendance form
  • Report on daily / weekly / monthly basis
  • On-Field Employees Leave Management

Distance Measurement

Mozility can be used to capture Distance travelled by on-field staff in order to monitor work efficiency and accurately reimburse travel expenses

  • Accurate distance calculation
  • Acceptable Technology
  • Silently Captures distance data
  • Notifies user about location services

Daily Activity Report

Mozility allows entry of field activities to its users and provide this data to central office in real time.

  • Complete ‘visibility’ of off-site employees.
  • Eliminate legacy system of paper based activity record keeping
  • Field staff can perform more in same time
  • Activity authentication via photograph
  • No fake activity inputs to management
  • Management can better measure individuals performance

Data, Process, Survey Collection

Mozility app helps in collecting data, process and survey on the move. Do away with paper base data collection system.

  • Digital platform to enter and save data
  • No more need to carry paper registers / sheets / other stationary
  • No delays or broken communication as in paper based system
  • Easy to enter data. Retrieve it back on click of button.
  • Cheap and faster way to share entered data in real time
  • Digitized data can easily be converted to informative reports

Track & Territory Management

Manage and monitor GEO location centric field work via Mozility app.

  • View on-field staff movement in Real time
  • Get distance and location reports
  • Set Beat plan for field work force
  • Get distance deviation report
  • Apply Geo-fencing to make field action admissible
  • Used for travel expense reimbursement

Van Sales Automation

Efficient Van sales management through Mozility. Manage end-to-end activities from warehouse to customer delivery.

  • Reliable and intelligent Van sales system
  • Readily available Beat plan / contact info for delivery
  • Auto updates warehouse inventory
  • Generate invoice on the move
  • Curtail losses due to missed / reject delivery
  • Manage high volumes with optimal resource

Order and Payment collection

Convenient and elegant mobile interface to place order and make payment collect while on field.

  • Order taking made easy
  • Provides Shopping cart like order placement system
  • Simple item selection through categorized menus
  • Allows sales discount per item
  • Integrated mobility solution to generate invoice on field
  • Real time Payment collection data entry

Sales CRM

Mozility Mobile and Web based Crm can capture, record, track & monitor all customer related activities and information.

  • Get real time update & manage customer in real time
  • Can followup and perform action on the lead/ client
  • Allows to capture data and complete the process of acquisition
  • Keep track of all the communication with lead/ client in pocket
  • App notify about the meeting and schedule

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